Case Study

Here is a Case Study on a recent installation:
Retired businessman Lyndon Cole decided that he wanted to spend more time working on his cars but had one big problem: he hadn’t been able to get the cars in his triple garage for the 12 years he had lived in his house in Cobham. It was full of everything including the old kitchen sink.


Having refurbished all the key areas in his home he didn’t know what options were available in his garage until he noticed an advertisement in a Lifestyle magazine for a company that carry out exactly what he was looking for: a makeover for his garage.

From the very first meeting with the Managing Director of Garageflex he knew he had found the answer. For the Coles this was a big problem as they had accumulated all sorts ofstuff over the last 12 years but to us it is what Garageflex do every day and they just knew they had the answers for him. Garageflex have state of the art software that shows customers exactly what the garage will look like when finished and also gives owners the chance of input into the design. Lyndon Cole was immediately impressed with the style and look and was equally impressed with the soft sell approach of Garageflex. They gave me a very informed, courteous and helpful presentation and when we agreed to go ahead their fitters were equal to the sales team. They were a pleasure to have working on my garage he added.

And how does he feel about the end result? Absolutely delighted! We didn’t realise how much space we actually had and not only have we got everything we want in the garage, we have so much space left. I never thought it would look so good when full and I can even work on my E-type when time allows says Lyndon Cole.

And the best part? He actually feels that whilst the walls and storage offer all he wants it was covering the ceiling that has made the most difference. It has lightened the whole garage and actually makes it a real pleasure to be in.
I would not hesitate to recommend the Garageflex system to anyone who wants a garage to compliment their home. It has made a massive difference here and I wish I had done it years ago concluded a satisfied Cole.
Garageflex design and install systems to suit individual needs. They realise that a garage offers a lot of space that is much neglected by home owners and have a large range of options to suit most needs. In addition it is a very flexible system so customers can always start small and add as and when they choose. They offer panels for the walls off which everything is hung; tile or resin options for floors and a bright cladding for the ceiling.

Good garaging

Show House Garage Makeover

A quick update to show that not all work in a garage has to take in all the walls. Garageflex have just put a system onto a small section of wall measuring about 2.3m by 2.3m and even that makes a huge diference. Here are a “Before” and “After” for you to see:

Activity Storage Racks

Everyone seems to have all sorts of Activity items to store in the garage. These can include Golf clubs, all types of Rackets, Balls, Bicycles, Gardening tools, Surf Boards and so on. These can be left lying around the floor, put on shelves, in baskets or on specially designed racks. Most garage organisation companies will use different size hooks but at Garageflex we have a range of Activity Racks which are specially designed for the product. Here is a selection showing Ball Holder, Golf Rack, Horizontal Bike rack and Garden Tool rack:

And some more showing different options for the Bikes and Golf clubs:And the same principal applies getting everything off the floor and onto the walls. Once these racks have been put on the wall they can all be moved anywhere else as needs dictate and the good news is no tools are required and it takes seconds!

Good garaging


Garage Storage

There are different types of storage to go in the garage: Shelves, Cupboards, Tool chests, Ceiling storage, Workbench cabinets to name some. Which of these you will have will depend what you want to keep in the garage and importantly how much space you have. Let’s look at these types and how Garageflex use them – remember our mantra is to get everything off the floor and onto the walls:

Shelves: everything is weight tested so take into consideration how much you want to put on them; we have a range:

Cupboards: if you want everything hidden away then here is a selection of cupboards, all of which can be put on the walls and easily moved if required:

The Wall Cupboards have two shelves and a door bin and have a weight capacity of 68kg. Extra shelves can be added and the whole unit can easily be moved without the use of tools.

The Tall Cupboards have three shelves that can be moved to suit and extra shelves can be added. There is also a door bin.

The weight capacity is 102kgs

In another Blog we shall go over other storage options concentrating on Activity racks that take everything including Golf Clubs, Bikes, Rackets, and Garden Tools.

Good garaging


Garage Walls

Yesterday we looked at Garage floors – today we can see what the options are for walls. It depends as usual on what you want to keep in the garage and on the walls. For many years people have put shelves and old kitchen cupboards on the wall and these have worked well.

Another option is to buy some heavy duty shelves to fit the space. This offers a good storage without going the whole way in organisation. It is modular so can be built to suit space and budget. We can give more information about this.

But now there are more options and the right ones can offer tremendous flexibility: nothing needs to be fixed to the wall any more and it is all very easy to move and re-arrange as needs change.

Although some garages have a plastered wall and look smart, the best option is to have a modular system that can cover all or some of the wall or walls. This will depend on price. But once the wall is clad then any number of units can be “clipped” onto the Panel, moved with ease or added to as needs change.

The wall and therefore garage will look very clean and tidy and will not need any decorating. And even better there are SO many units that you can put on the wall ranging from Activity racks, Storage shelves, different sizes of Cupboards, Workbench options and hooks or hangers. So there is plenty of choice.

And a good garage organizer will get everything off the floor and arrange the garage in zones so that everything has a place.

The cost: it will vary depending on size of wall to be covered but a wall with a length of say 5m by height of 2.4m will cost around £475 in materials and a good range of units will be around £500 so a good job can be done on a single wall for less than £1,000.  At Garageflex we offer a full installation service. And it will offer so much good and tidy storage space.

Call us on 01491 579975 for more information on Garage Walls.

Options for Garage floors

Today we shall look at the garage floor. Most floors are laid as concrete slabs with very little finish to he surface: some surfaces are good, some are appalling and others somewhere in between. It is onl recently in the more expensive new homes that developers are laying a tiled floor or maybe giving it a coat of paint.

But the options are:
Leave it as it is
Interlocking tiles
Ceramic tiles

At Garageflex we only use Interlocking tiles or Resin. The tiles are specially engineered plastic using a six-point interlock system for increased strength and durability. These tiles are slip resistant and stain resistant, making your garage floor safe and easy to clean. It floats above the floor for airflow to prevent mildew and trapping of water. The tiles come in a choice of colours: putty, yellow, granite and black and a combination will give a good layout, maybe with a border.

There are different types of Resin floor: the most popular is Epoxy but we prefer methacralyte which is the toughest and most hard wearing of all floor coatings. It is laid as a seamless screed to a depth of 4mm and stays looking great for years. It is more expensive than other floor coatings but as they say “you get what you pay for”. We are confident enough to give a 10 year warranty.

We shall put some photos in our Gallery so comparisons can be made.

Why do we only use these two: because we see what happens to painted floros after a short time and we see what can happen to Epoxy floors too: many times we have been called in to lay on an Epoxy floor that has cracked up.

Call us on 01491 579975 to talk over garage floor options.

Introducing Garagemakeover

Garagemakeover is designed to be the first stop for anyone considering doing “something” with the garage. This is the Blog site for Garageflex and we shall offer tips, advice, pictures, videos and stories of what is around to make it easier to come to a decision on what can be done in the space you have.

Some Q’s and A’s may help get you started:
Q “what is my garage going to be used for?”
A Cars, storage, workshop, gymnasium, playroom or a combination of some or all?

Q: How much am I prepared to spend?
A Your call! But this will largely decide on what you do as costs can go from a few hundred pounds to many thousands.

Q: Who is going to do the work?
A DIY, a local bulder or get in an Organisation Company

If it is DIY then you are probably looking at using old kitchen units, shelves and cupboards from a DIY store and/or some benches, racking and hooks that can be bought at any of the online stores.

If it is an Organisation Company then a search online will throw up a number of options. At Garageflex we offer a comprehensive “Design and Install” service that gives a wide but flexible choice for walls, ceilings, floors and units to take in just about everything that can be done with the garage. In the coming weeks and months we shall go into each area in detail but advice can be given in the meantime by contacting us.

Here are a couple of images of what can be done:

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