Garageflex have a good range of Workbenches on offer so that there should be something for everyone. The decisions that need to be made centre on space available, what it will be used for and how much weight it needs to take.

The range includes Floor mounted benches, Wall mounted benches and Folding “Hobby Tables”. Looking at them separately:

Folding Hobby Tables:

This is ideal where space is limited as it can be stored against the wall and only raised when needed. Fits onto Garageflex’s TekPanel

Whilst it is solid and takes a load of 45kg, it is perfect for light work. It has a resin top although there is the option of having a wood block worktop.

Wall Mounted Benches

These flexible work tables enable you to create the perfect environment to get all kinds of projects done no matter the size of your garage. The durability of the solid butcher-block top is unmatched in the industry and can withstand the most demanding tasks taking a load of up to 68kg. Comes with either a 1200mm or 1520mm top and can be fitted to our TekPanel at any height.

Floor Mounted Benches

These are the workhorses of the family! There is an enormous range of Workbenches out there but we only offer those that are compatible with the entire system and yet will take most engineering works. One customer even built his Caterham kit car on these! So there is a wide choice and here is a sample:

So this may raise more questions than it answers! Give us a call on 01491 579975 and we shall be pleased to answer any questions or go into Garage Organisation in more detail.

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Using the wall space

It doesn’t matter what size or shape the garage is, the best space to use for storage has to be the walls. That is why it is a shame developers use so much wall space for boilers, heat exchange units, under floor heating valves etc and when the poor homeowner moves in there is no wall space left!

And the best way to use that space is to clad some or all of it with Panel, otherwise known as Slatwall, TekPanel or similar. This gives it a finished look with a material that never fades or needs decorating and offers every opportunity for change as needs change. What do we mean by that? Well take a look at this photograph that shows all sorts of items on the wall:

With its modular system any type of Activity rack can be placed anywhere on the system and then moved as times change. And if you want to take a rack away and add cupboards or shelves then no tools are needed.

The system is designed to get everything off the floor and onto the walls: and Garageflex have racks designed specially for sport, hobies, gardening or any form of storage. And if you want to move the whole lot around at the end of a “season” then simply move it yourself. It could not be easier and it could not look better.

Don’t forget that if you only want to start with part of one wall clad then that is fine: yo ucan always grow the system over the years.

For more information take a look at the Garageflex website or call 01491 579975

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Bike storage in a garage

This is an awkward subject as bikes can take up so much space, especially when they are stored on the wall. So some questions first:

How many bikes are used? Regularly?

Who rides them? Children dont want them up high on walls

How much wall or floor space can be used?

Will there be a car in the garage?

At Garageflex we have 5 ways of storing bikes in the garage and the photographs will show the options. Basically if space is not an issue then they can be placed horizontally on the wall or vertically on the wall. Then there are diferent types of Bike holder.

If a car is not going to be kept in the garage then a Vertical rack is a good option. It takes a lot less wall space but does eat into the garage. Racks take 2 bikes and like on all units, a hook can be put alongside for helmets.

And the walls do not have to have a panel or slatwall; there are options to fasten the rack directly to the wall. The best rack we have is shown here:

Another option is to “park” them on the floor in a bay that comes in sizes from 1 bike to 5 bikes. This obviously takes up space but you can tell the amount of space needed and available.  See the photograph below.Finally bikes can be suspended from the ceiling if height . Obviously it is no good hanging the bike in such a way as the car, or even worse, your head hits it!

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