Use Ceiling Space in your Garage

A lot of owners are surprised how much use can be made of the space above the car in their garage. The average height of the ceiling is 2.4m but most saloon cars are only 1.6 m high and 4 x 4s are around 1.8m. So unless you’ve got two 4 x 4s in a double garage then you have space to use!

So how to use it? Well the options range from getting a few hooks and hangers from Homebase or similar (must start plugging other brands!) and screwing them into the roof joists right through to bespoke systems to suspend from the ceiling. Here we shall talk about the systems because that is what we know about – and they can be fitted as stand-alone units without having the whole garage fitted out. and they can be fitted by you in no time.

Here are a selection:

Overhead storage rack: these are 1.2m square and made of steel mesh that are suspended from the ceiling taking a maximum weight of 113kg. They are really useful for putting “out of season” items up there like Christmas decorations, garden furniture cushions or anything that is not being used daily. Two of these units can be placed side by side to create even more space.

Adjustable T Rack: OK so who keeps loads of bits of wood just in case…..? Yes we all do and these racks are the place to keep them all! And anything else long that needs putting away somewhere safe. They come in pairs so can be placed any distance apart and are adjustable in height. You can also hang different weights on each side making them ideal for skis, fishing rods and other activity items. We recently sold the magician Paul Daniels a pair and he put a clip on YouTube to show how he had adjusted them to take his ladders – no trick in it!

“C” and “D” Hanger Hooks: these durable hooks are perfect for so many things: bikes, fishing rods, ladders, sledge, model airplanes, garden umbrellas – the list is endless. They don’t take much space and again can be set up in pairs or single. It was another Television personality (can’t name two in one Blog so I’ll maybe get his name in another time!) who keeps his model planes on these!

Hoists: you can get what are called “single point” or “four point” hoists depending on the use to which they will be put. A single is good for hoisting a bicycle to the ceiling and a double for a canoe or car roof box or as one Garageflex customer has done, his model railway set from his childhood days. Just to prove we cannot ever throw things out!

PowerTrak: all these items can be fastened to the ceiling timbers – unless it is a new house with a suspended ceiling as happens a lot now days. This is not a problem, it just requires different fixing materials. But the best solution in our view is to use an innovative PowerTrak developed by Garageflex. This is attached to the ceiling and then all the above products are slid into the PowerTrak using adaptors that allow the items to be placed anywhere within the PowerTrak. So they can easily be slid to a different position if needs change – great flexibility.

Ceiling cladding: the ultimate product that can bring everything together on the ceiling is the PowerPanel cladding system. This is not necessary for any of the above and indeed where ceilings are plastered it is not often used – only occasionally where owners want either low maintenence or a reflection to improve the lighting.The cladding is a tongue and goove white soffit that does however cover up any old roof timbers and all the cobwebs and gives a terrific light, bright and clean surface on which to attach everything. It looks good and stays looking good.

So whatver you have to get up there, a solution is available. Take a look at the Garageflex video or call us on 01491 579975 and we would be pleased to go over the best solution for your problem.

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The 1st steps to a Garage Makeover

We spend all our working week helping people get their garages organised so we really do know the feeling of “where do I start with this lot”! Well let us offer some advice:

You’ve made the decision to get something done about your garage – now what? The first thing to remember is that we have seen everything so no garage is ever a surprise! When we get the call to come and help  out we are delighted and remain so when we arrive at a garage that we quite literally cannot get into. It means we may get some surprises when the fitters arrive but they are used to it too!

So what’s first? If you have decided to call in a professional Garage Makeover company (as opposed to a Garage Conversion company who will change the structure of the space) then what can you expect?

Garageflex will always give you a good idea over the ‘phone when the appointment is made of ball park costs; then on arrival the representative will take a good look at your garage with you saying everything that you want kept in the garage; DONT clear the garage before the visit: we like to see it as it is and then will get it right

We shall then measure it up, put drawings onto our advanced design software and go over to explain the thinking behind the design. This is your chance to input (and therefore why we like all parties to be there) and then we should have everything organised into “zones” – to cover separate hobbies and activities.

There is no limit to the number of times this design can be changed at this stage: it is really important to get a good layout but we think it is also important to leave maybe 15% of the space empty. It can easily be filled in later when you have got an early feel for how it is working out. That is a major plus for the system – add to it or move it around whenever yo uliek without the use of tools.

When you are happy with the layout we shall print it all out and leave it with you. No pressure selling; no last minute deals to get you to sign up; no discounting to win you over. We shall not sell you a garage system: you will buy it when you are ready and we acknowledge and respect that.

For an appointment to have a visit to dicuss your requirements please call 01491 579975 or complete the request here.

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