Guest blog from a happy Garageflex customer

Our garage and summerhouse were fitted out by Garageflex about 3 years ago and it has worked brilliantly but we decided they  needed a sort out as we seem to have collected even more essentials since we did the garage intially.  Even though we had the basis of a clean and tidy garage things don’t stay tidy by themselves!

The garage is a small single (have never been convinced that a car would ever fit in it!) so we decided to block off from the inside the garage door by having TekPanel fitted with insulation behind. 

We now have 3 tall cupboards along that wall â one with vases, flower bits and bobs, fairy lights, candles,  another with decorating things, wood filler, dust sheets,  and the other with picnic bags, ground rugs plastic plates .  All stuff that we can possibly be without! And having a personal door, we had never opened the garage door in 4 years!

That gave us the opportunity to rearrange the other units we already had which have always worked very well for their specific purpose  eg. hanging ladders, storing garden umbrellas,  and shelves with storage  boxes of light bulbs, spare champagne glasses and of course all the recycling bins!

We have no gardening tools in the garage as they are all in the summerhouse where they fit in beautifully with some garden furniture for relaxing after a well earned rest.

Love them as we do hopefully the boomerang kids wont need to throw any more goods and chattels our way!




Well – that is a first guest blog from a Happy Customer! We have had Customer Videos and Testimonials but I hope you enjoy seeing how even three years later some tweaking can still be done so easily.

For more information please see the Garageflex website or contact us or call us on 01491 579975 – we would be pleased to talk through any aspect of a garage makeover

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