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Developers and architects love using the garage as a “power room” where everything from boilers and heat exchange units through to underfloor heating systems all get housed there. Everything neatly lines the walls with wires and drains leading everywhere.

So when we are called in to give a storage solution we are presented with a challenge to which we like to rise. Once upon a time we would clad around everything but now we offer the option of creating cupboards where everything can be hidden. At the same time we create more space because the new walls offer hanging space on both sides.

So behind this cupboard are 2 boilers and 2 water softeners:

And once it is all painted and fitted it looks pretty smart and doesnt stop a car being parked in the garage.

In another recent installation we simply built everything into a cupboard which had the same effect:

So if you have a garage needing a makeover and are worried about boilers etc that is what to do! We hope you agree it looks good.

Good garageing


Reasons & Testimonials

A recent Customer survey has given us lots of Testimonials and Raasons to use Garageflex. Here are a selection of our favourites:

Reasons to use Garageflex:

  1. The final phase in the total refurbishment of our house
  2. To enable us to park cars instead of rubbish in the garage
  3. So I didn’t have to do it
  4. My husband spends a lot of time in the garage with his best friend – his old car.
  5. I needed a clean, useful, versatile garage/gym/storage facility rather than a dirty, disorganised rubbish storeroom.
  6. We liked the flexibility and adaptability to make the best of our garage’s storage room.
  7. Ability to offer a complete garage transformation
  8. To improve appearance and functionality of the garage
  9. For a clean tidy and practical use for our garage
  10. They offer exactly want I want to sort out such a messy part of my home.

And the Testimonials:

  1. I just love my new garage space which is now the tidiest room in the house
  2. From start to finish Garageflex were quite brilliant.
  3. Garageflex have improved my garage beyond my expectations and it is now a real pleasure to go into and not the nightmare it was.
  4. It is always hard to get people to respond to the many needs when building a new house; Garageflex were the only ones to deliver what we needed and always with a smile. Thank you so much.
  5. The GaragTek system has transformed our garage from a disorganised heap of stuff around the edges to a tidy, attractive space. The installation team took pride in their work and the whole experience was positive and professional. Thank you
  6. I had high expectatuions of the system and I was not disappointed. Every aspect with Garageflex was made trouble-free and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.
  7. I discovered another room in my house when they left – beautiful!
  8. I do not normally endorse commercial products and as a matter of philosophy do not refer to goods and services as “excellant”. In this case however the product and the manner of its delivery far exceeded my expectations that excellant is the only suitable description.
  9. Nothing but praise for the product and all their team.
  10. Garageflex delivered what they promised.

Get in touch with us and see how your garage can be transformed.

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We answer the doubters

Well those who believe in The Law of Attraction will know how I felt on Tuesday driving to The Business Wealth Club in Oxford to give a presentation on “How Garageflex can give you back your garage to suit your lifestyle”. The radio stations (several I later discovered) were following up a newspaper report on why homeowner’s garages become such a dumping ground and they just can’t get their car in!Courtesy of the Daily Mail:

I showed my audience how Garageflex have solutions for all the problems:

All those bikes lying around? No problem we have a range of bike racks.

All those pots of paints on the floor? Put them in one of our cupboards.

All the garden tools hanging around? Then put them on the hooks from our range.

And the floor is a nightmare….We offer interlocking tiles or Resin finishes

And the ceiling is so dirty……….We can clad it and no more cobwebs!!

Whilst the cost may seem high we make no apology for that. It is a very good solution that homeowners love for years and years. And it all comes with a 10 year Warranty so there is no risk of things going wrong.

So go on – give us a call on 01491 579975  or email and let us show you what we can do to finally sort out that garage problem.

Good garaging