What Could You Create?

Back in 2009 we provided one of our ceiling “T” Racks to the magician Paul Daniels.  He wanted to store ladders on a support that hung from his garage ceiling and couldn’t quite find the right product to take the size of ladder he had.  With a little bit of DIY and a few additional materials, Paul created his ideal product from our standard “T” Rack and is now the proud owner of a ceiling rack to hold his ladders.  In fact, see for yourself how Paul did it as he posted a video on youtube showing how easy it was.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lmr334kw3gU

paul daniels

Our brilliant range of DIY garage storage solutions are available on our e-store.  It just goes to show that if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, with some imagination Garageflex products can become exactly what you need.   So, what could you create?

Or let us do the hard work.  If Paul’s idea has struck a chord with you and you would like us to create something similar, get in touch and we can talk through what you want, how much it will cost and when we can get it ready by.

Get in contact either by telephone on 01491 579975 or email us at info@garageflex.co.uk

Treat Your Garage to the Floor It Deserves

Let’s face it, most garage floors are pretty ugly.  Usually made from concrete and covered with stains or dust.  But that doesn’t have to be the case, Garageflex’s floor tiles give you a smart, low maintenance and tough garage floor.  All completed in a day.


Why should you consider our floor tiles?  Here are 9 fantastic reasons…

    1. Beauty – why have an ugly floor when tiles provide you with a solution to be proud of.  You can even post your photos on Pistonheads.com!
    2. Durability – our floor tiles are four times more resistant to abrasions than a concrete floor plus fluids are more easily cleaned up as they are not absorbed into the tile
    3. Low maintenance – dust is reduced requiring less cleaning
    4. Made in the UK – British made from recycled PVC
    5. Measurements – each tile measures 500x500mm and has a thickness of 7mm
    6. Quality finish – this may not be the cheapest solution but paint usually flakes off in under a year where as our floor tiles come with a 10 year guarantee
    7. Quick and easy to lay – our tiles use an interlocking system, can be laid directly onto a concrete base and a typical 1-3 car garage can be laid in under a day
    8. Safety – concrete floors can become slippery, our floor tiles provide grip for when its wet outside
    9. Weather proofing– tiles create a surface on the floor which helps insulate your garage from the cold and damp, allowing you to be confident your stored items will be safe

So whether you want checkerboard style, all one colour or something a little bit special, we have tiles to suit every garage.

floor tile colour options

Garageflex also provide bespoke storage solutions for your garage, helping to make it a clean, bright and safe place to be.  Choose from cabinets, shelves or sports activity racks to bring some order to your life.

For a quote, please contact Garageflex on 01491 579975 or info@garageflex.co.uk.

Six Things You Didn’t Know You Needed

Even in the most organised garage, we find there are always ways to make it better. Today we wanted to tell you about six products available on our e-store that you might not know you needed but could provide the right solution for that niggling annoyance.

Shelf Liner

Do you store liquids, paints or other items that might leak? Then Shelf Liners might be just the thing.

  • Made of high impact polystyrene
  • Smooth semi-gloss surface for easy cleaning
  • Ready shaped to fit inside your wall, tall or mini wall mounted cabinets
  • £15.98* for a pack of two

in-cabinet tool holder

Lots of tools lying around in need of a proper home? Then our GT4019 in-cabinet tool holder is ideal.

  • Designed to hold small hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and scissors
  • Four different size openings to accommodate a wide variety of tools
  • Easily mounted inside our wall, tall or mini cabinets
  • Comes with four mounting strips.
  • £29.99*

mini clip set

Stuck for somewhere safe to hang keys or want to put up some pictures or a clock in your garage? Then the GT4016 Mini Clip Set could come in handy.

  • Sold in packs of five
  • Ideal for hanging pictures, clocks, locks, keys or other small items
  • Keeps item securely fastened to the wall and within easy reach
  • £17.50* for a pack of five

Paper Towel Holder

Fed up with trekking to the kitchen or utility for something to wipe up wet or muddy floors? Then why not buy our GT4015 Paper Towel Holder and never have to worry again.

  • Holds one jumbo size kitchen roll
  • £16.00*

tip out bin

Into DIY, hobbies or just have lots of odds and end? Our GT3004 Large Tip Out Bin Rack is perfect for holding all those little bits.

  • Comes with five clear bins which tip open for easy access as well as the ability to lift them out and take them with you
  • Each bin has a label so you can easily identify your 1 inch nails from your pegs
  • Ability to store items on top of the unit
  • Supplied with two mounting brackets
  • £32.00*

bike rack

With spring just around the corner and the days getting longer, no doubt you are gearing up to take your bikes out. But where do you store them when you are not using them? Our GT2005 Horiztontal Bike Rack can help you overcome the issue of moving it out of the way.

  • Two large, adjustable hanger hooks to hold a bike
  • Also comes with a shelf and six hooks
  • Holds a bike as well as helmets, water bottles, gloves and locks
  • £80.00*

* Plus P&P

Any questions, just let us know and we’ll be glad to help.  You can call us on 01491 579975 or email us at info@garageflex.co.uk.

Lifestyle Kits

Another neat little video showcasing some of the lifestyle kits available on http://garageflex.co.uk/ today.  We have a range on offer whether you are looking for general storage or something more niche to hold your gardening, hobby or DIY bits and pieces.

Our lifestyle kits are priced to be more economical than buying the component parts separately and come with TekPanel for the accessories to be mounted on.  And all of our lifestyle kits are available to buy in our online store or as part of our design and install service.

For more information contact us at info@garageflex.co.uk or on 01491 579975.