The Garageflex Pledge

When you have a Garageflex installation in your garage, these are the things we promise to do.  And just some of the reasons why our customers love doing business with us.

        Punctuality – Once your installation is agreed, we’ll give you a start date and time and we will arrive promptly to begin the work.  Always.

         Quality – We use only quality products and each comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.   If there is a question over any product, we’ll change it with no fuss.

         Reliability – We provide you with plans and costs for the work to be carried out with no hidden fees.  The quote will show you to the penny how much it will be and what is involved.

          Service – Our installation team are hard-working, reliable and quality carpenters in their own right.  You will be told who is in charge on-site and they will be available for you to speak to for the duration of the project, making sure it goes smoothly from start to finish.

         30 day Guarantee – If you don’t like any of your items or they don’t suit your requirements within 30 days of the installation date, we’ll remove them and credit the full amount.  Guaranteed.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Why not view some of our customer testimonials to see what they say about us or view a video of one happy customer in Gerrards Cross.


Introducing the Garageflex range of storage boxes and recycling bins

Since we started transforming UK garages back in 2005, we have always asked our customers what else they would like us to stock.  There was a resounding vote for recycling bins to be added to our range and we are delighted that these items are now available via our e-store.

Our range includes a Triple 110 Litre Recycling Bin which allows you to sort waste into three separate bins and is floor mounted. Or choose from one of our 82 Litre Recycling Bins which come in three formats, an open slot lid, a propeller lid or a lift lid. We feel this covers a good range of recycling needs but are always open to further suggestions!

Recycling bins

Other recent additions are general storage boxes, now available in 18, 35 or 48 litre capacities. All are made from polypropylene and are easy to stack and store. The 48 and 18 litres fit particularly well on our 48” and 24” shelves.

general storage boxes

Or if you are looking for a more general storage solution but don’t want to spend too much, why not consider our GT576 General Storage Lifestyle kit. It comes with a 56” piece of TekTrak which is a strip of panel that fixes to your wall and can be placed anywhere in the garage. The kit also comes with a basket, some hooks, brackets and wall clips. Perfect for starting your de-cluttering journey at only £109.00 plus P&P.


Our e-store is open to everyone, not just our customers who have TekPanel installed on their walls. We stock many items that can be used on their own including ceiling storage for getting ladders, timber or other bulky items you want to get off the floor and out of the way.
We would also love your feedback. What else would you like to see on our e-store? Tell us and we promise to look into it!

Squeaking, Squealing and Scraping. Who Wants A Garage Door That Makes That Kind Of Noise?

We’ve all been there, you open the garage on a peaceful Sunday morning and wake up the neighbours with the screeching that comes from your garage door.  Thankfully we found a great little article with some useful tips which are simple to implement and can make a real difference to your ears.  Find out more about tightening, replacing and spraying your garage door here.

Garage door in blue

Of course all of these are just guidelines, if you are in doubt, seek advice from your local expert.  Garageflex will not be liable for any injuries that may occur.  Good luck!

If you want your garage fitted out with bespoke storage ideal for your lifestyle, Garageflex are the experts.  So come and talk to us!