Why Under-Inflated Tyres Could Be Raising Your Chance of an Accident

Did you know that approximately 6% of all fatal motorway accidents are caused by under-inflated tyres?  Research carried out by Michelin found that as well as increasing the chance of an accident, incorrect tyre pressure could also be costing you money and increasing the amount of CO2 emissions being pumped into the atmosphere.

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As part of our safety campaign, Garageflex recommends you check your tyres at least once a month and before embarking on a long journey. 

Need any more persuading?

·         Driving on under-inflated tyres can quickly deteriorate their condition

·         Your steering is less precise

·         Braking distances are increased

·         You use 6% more fuel

·         Less Co2 emissions are released from tyres with the correct tyre pressure

How to check your tyre pressure

  1. Make sure tyres are cold to get an accurate reading.  
  2. Have a tyre pressure gauge handy, inexpensive ones can be found at Halfords.
  3. Find the tyre pressure requirement for your car by looking in your owner’s manual.
  4. Locate and unscrew the valve cap from the tyre.
  5. Once you’ve unscrewed the cap, press the tyre gauge onto the valve stem and hold it down firmly for a second or two.
  6. If you hear a hissing sound, you are letting air out and you need to press down a little harder.  Make a note of the given reading.
  7. Do this with all four tyres and compare the tire pressure reading with the specified amount for your car.  If your air pressure is lower than the recommended amount, you need to bring it up.

How to inflate your tyres

  1. You can either inflate your tyre at home with a footpump or digital inflator, or visit your local garage.
  2. Make sure the hose reaches your tyre and turn the compressor on.
  3. Remove the stem cap from the tyre and set it aside in a safe place where it can be easily found and not roll away.
  4. Press the air hose fitting onto the valve stem, keep a firm grip, and press the lever to begin the air flow. You should feel the air moving through the hose.
  5. To check if you have reached your desired air pressure, release the lever and check the hose fitting. This will show you approximately how much you have. You can also check with your own gauge to be sure.
  6. If you have over-inflated the tyre, press the gauge down enough to hear a hissing sound to let the air out. Or press down on the small needle in the center of the valve with a fingernail or pen.
  7. Once your tyre reaches the correct air pressure, replace the valve stem cap and repeat with the remaining tyres.


Are Architects, Developers And Those Building Their Dream Homes Missing A Vital Trick With The Size Of The Garage?

Garages were designed to house cars.  But in recent years, cars have grown in size and owners have accumulated more goods which need to be stored somewhere.  So over the years the expensive car has been left on the road or drive and all the household items have been kept in the garage.

With the current trend of buying a house, knocking it down and building the “dream house” happening all over the UK, are architects and developers really thinking about the design and build of the garage?  Alastair Broom of Garageflex sees home owners on a daily basis and hears the same pleas:  “Some of the best developers in the country totally ignore the garage:  they treat it as an afterthought by putting on three small single garage doors and, in many cases, I have met homeowners who cannot get their car into the garage at all.  Why don’t they put in garage doors wide enough for today’s car?”.

garage design

Another problem comes with the design when all the heating, ventilation, plumbing and home media systems are placed on the walls, thereby taking away valuable storage space.  So when owners need to keep such items as golf clubs, bicycles, ladders, tools and household items somewhere, there is reduced space available. 

Broom’s answer is clear:  “There is usually plenty of space in a good design for a power room where everything can be placed in an orderly and tidy scheme.  This would release something like 25 square metres of wall space for all the families storage needs”.

And his final point is about the state of the floor.  Usually this is left as a poor concrete finish, sometimes it has a coat of paint that will flake off within a few weeks and only sometimes is a good ceramic tiled floor laid. There are many options available including a top of the range resin floor through to a very popular inter-locking tiled floor, both available in a variety of colours.

To Alastair Broom the answers are simple:

  • Put in a door or doors wide enough for today’s larger cars
  • Create a power room where all the utility items can be placed
  • Leave the walls free for storage
  • Lay a good quality floor

Garageflex design and install bespoke storage and organisation systems in garages in private homes throughout the UK.  They have solutions for wall storage, floor coverings, ceiling systems and a large range of activity racks, all of which go on the wall.

Thinking Of Transforming Your Garage? Best to Take the Well-Trodden Route

One way of thinking about success in transforming your garage is to liken it to summiting Mount Everest.  Not such a strange comparison when you think about it logically and view the photo below which is of climbers on their way to the summit.  But why are they all using the same route and following in each others footsteps?


Because it’s the safest route and the one which maximises their chance of getting to the top, and back down safely.  And if you want to transform your garage into a clean, safe and successful space with lots of storage as well as looking good, whose route should you follow?

Garageflex UK is part of a worldwide franchise started in the US which arrived in the UK in 2005.  Since then, we’ve completed nearly 500 garage transformations which is a lot for a small business of 5 people and it has made a lot of dreams come true.

To see a recent case study of a garage transformation in Henley on Thames, click here.  The owner said “The system is so flexible that everything is easy to move around.  And for the first time in seven years living here, we can now get our cars in the garage. It is brilliant!” and that’s what we want to hear from all our future customers too.

So if you want to be on the right path in your garage transformation and follow a well-trodden route, then speak to Garageflex about a free no obligation quote today.

Garageflex Floor Tiles Profiled In Top Gear Magazine

We are delighted that in the May edition of TopGear Magazine, our floor tiles were profiled in the Options list. 

If you are thinking about finishing your garage in style, why not take a look at our flooring options.  We offer a selection of high quality inter-locking floor tiles, manufactured in the UK from recycled PVC as well as high quality methacrylate resin which is the hardest wearing of all. 

Why not find out more?

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