Ever Thought Of Applying Feng Shui To Your Car?

It may sound odd but if you do a lot of driving then applying these simple rules could make a real difference to the energy inside your car.

feng shui car

Our top tips to do this are :

  • Clear out the clutter: make sure you regularly clear the car of clutter in both the boot and the passenger area.  This could mean taking out all those parking permits and sweet wrappers or just sorting out the kids toys taken into the car.  Having an uncluttered car almost guarantees good feng shui!
  • Allow in fresh air:  Regularly allow fresh air into the car rather than just using your air conditioning.  Or if you prefer, use a car aromatherapy diffuser to help with different moods.  Try peppermint and lemongrass to make you more energised or use peppermint to provide a more soothing and calming influence.
  • Bring in some good feng shui items: This could be anything from your favourite colours to rock crystals to images that make you feel good.  Don’t hang things from your rear view mirror though as this could be distracting!  Music of course is another positive factor to apply here and can dramatically change your mood so think about some feel good tunes to have around.
  • What’s the best car colour?: You really have to go with what you like as this will boost the enjoyment you get from the car.  Another thing to think about is looking at your birth colour and choosing things to go in the car that apply to this.  Or if you need some inspiration, try this link.
  • And one final tip:  Don’t park your car facing your house as this can create a slightly attacking quality of energy.  If possible, park the headlights facing away.

Let us know if you found this useful and if it works for you.


Ceiling Solutions

Some of the most popular items on our e-store are our ceiling solution products and so we thought we would talk about them in a little more detail to show you just how easy they are to fit and all the sorts of things they can be used for.


The major component of our ceiling systems is the PowerTrak from which all the hooks, racks and hangers are installed. The PowerTrak is mounted to the ceiling joists then the hooks, hangers and racks have twist connectors which allow quick mounting to the PowerTrak. There are no permanent fasteners required.  So once you have this installed you can then add any of our ceiling accessories to suit your needs.

 GT7004E Overhead Storage Rack The GT7004 Overhead Storage Rack (4x4ft) allows you to use that valuable ceiling space.  The rack provides 53 cubic feet of storage and has a capacity of 250lbs.  With open mesh shelving for easy viewing of stored items, its an ideal place to store seasonal sports equipment or other bulky items. Available with or without PowerTrak from £173.00 including P&P.
The GT9000 D Hanger Hook features a hanger hook with a large, flat holding surface.  Each hook is priced at just £18.00 but a package of 2 hooks with PowerTrak can be purchased from our e-store for just £53.18. 
GT9000E DHangerMain
GT9001E CHangerMain
The GT9001 C Hanger Hook features a hanger hook with a large, rounded bottom which is very versatile for holding different shaped objects close to the ceiling.  Available as a single hook at £18.00 or as a package with PowerTrak for £53.18.

So if you are ready to get items off the floor and onto the ceiling, why not take a look at our e-store to find out more.

Restore the Balance of Vital Energy in Your Garage with Our Quick Guide to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which balances the energy levels in your home.  And we thought, why couldn’t this be used in the garage?  It may even result in a better time on your bike or a lower golf handicap.   So here’s our top tips to get your garage bursting with positive energy.

1.       Declutter.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, just get rid of all your unwanted junk.  It might be a time consuming process but it will help you establish what is worth keeping and what can be freecycled, given to charity or sent to the tip.  Remember you must be brave and you must be honest otherwise it’s a pointless task.


2.       Give your garage an airing.  Sounds a bit mad right?  But actually letting good quality air and light into your garage is essential for good feng shui energy.  If you can’t leave your door open why not think about an air purifying plant, we’ve found a little list of some good options.

3.       Paint the walls in a colour that pleases you or panel it with some of our TekPanel (now available in different colours as part of our Ultimate Range) to keep you happy when you are inside.  Or put up pictures of things you love and that make you happy.

4.       Add wall storage such as cabinets where you can store items and close the doors on.  Also using specialist tool storage racks will keep items all together and out of the way, ensuring they are safe from little hands.

_MG_2938 - Copy

5.       Fix your squeaky or broken garage door.  See our recent blog on how easy this is to do.

6.       Check the safety in your garage such as electrics and lighting, ensuring there are no cables to trip over.

7.       And finally.  Always park your car with the headlights facing away from the house.  The reason behind this a car is man-made and if this points to your house it can create bad energy, certainly something to avoid.

So there you have it – positive energy all the way for your garage and hopefully it might just rub off on other aspects of your life too.  Happy feng shuiing!