Three days is all it takes – one garage’s transformation

When Garageflex received an enquiry from a gentleman in London, we didn’t realise this might be slightly different from the usual enquiry.  Although he lived in London, this was in fact for his home in the south of France, near St Tropez.

It turned out this project was for a typical but large Provencal garage that had recently been built by local builders but no detail had been placed in the finishing leaving the walls rendered with no storage, a ‘cold’ concrete floor and a roof with no insulation.  The owners were sufficiently impressed with the proposed Garageflex system which offered them the storage they wanted, an insulated and clad ceiling, a tiled floor and the ability to add more storage as their needs changed.
With the plans agreed, an installation team drove to the property and within four days had completely transformed the garage giving it  not only the storage they needed but also the cleanliness and beauty they wanted to complement the rest of their home.  Alastair Broom said “it was a challenge as we had to deal with some French suppliers which tested our language skills and also my team had never worked in France. However the owners were a real pleasure to deal with and we were all delighted with the outcome”.

See our video of the garage transformation over the course of 3 days.