10 ways to increase your house’s kerb appeal

A not so recent article in the Telegraph talked about the need and impact of kerb appeal for the residential home, discussing the reasons behind it and some top tips to get your home looking fantastic.  Here at Garageflex, we whole heartedly agree that making your house look smart and appealing is the way forward but what about your garage?

Quite often the garage is reserved for everything that you don’t want cluttered around the house so becomes a dumping ground.  But it doesn’t have to be like that.  With a few tips and some great storage ideas, you can have your garage looking as slick as your house.

1. Put aside some time to go through everything in your garage and get rid of unused or unwanted items. This makes it much easier to organise the things you want to keep and donate all your unwanted items to your local charity or sell on ebay (one man’s rubbish and all that…)

2.  With the items you want to keep, think about where they should live and put them with similar things marking boxes with labels to be clear and easily be able to find them again

3.  Look at bulky items and decide whether you need to think about storage, Garageflex can help you with this and provide some ideas and costs

4.  Look at your floor, could it benefit from being upgraded?  Again, Garageflex have floor tiles and resin floors available which really bring everything together to get the slick look you want


5.  Ensure your garage door is clean, squeak free and working properly.  If not, get someone in to repair it or give it a fresh coat of paint.

These are just five things that can help bring the wow factor into your garage.  For more information, contact Garageflex.

5.  Think about whether you could install some storage in your garage

Speak to Garageflex about how we can maximise the storage in your garage, giving you back your ten minutes per day to do something fun.

As featured on Double Your House for Half the Money

Double your house imagery

You may have seen Garageflex featured on the Channel 4 show Double Your House for Half the Money on 20th August.   We were absolutely delighted to be involved in the design and installation of Mr Johul’s garage makeover and of course to meet the fantastic Sarah Beeny.

We were approached by RedHouse TV to fit out Mr Johul’s garage and to make it into a clean, tidy and organised space.  All three walls were clad with our patented TekPanel and a tiled floor was laid.  We also fitted cabinets and accessories which fitted in with his lifestyle.  The owner, Mr Johal loved it, as did Sarah Beeny and you can find out more and view the episode in Sarah’s scrapbook.

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Recent before and after shots of a garage makeover – August 2014

Here are two shots of the same garage showing before and after.  The before shot shows the garage in quite a chaotic state with bits and pieces everywhere, this could be quite dangerous too if there were things on the floor to trip over.  The after shot, which is after Garageflex have been in to do their magic, shows a clean, crisp and clutter free space.  Perfect for those laundry days!

However, its not just laundry that can take place in the garage, we’ve helped some clients create home gyms, workshops, ‘man caves’ and even somewhere to store the car!

Why not order our online brochure and find out more or you can visit our photo gallery for more before and after shots.