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The Garageflex Pledge

When you have a Garageflex installation in your garage, these are the things we promise to do.  And just some of the reasons why our customers love doing business with us.  –       Punctuality – Once your installation is agreed, we’ll give you a start date and time and we will arrive promptly to begin the […]

What Could You Create?

Back in 2009 we provided one of our ceiling “T” Racks to the magician Paul Daniels.  He wanted to store ladders on a support that hung from his garage ceiling and couldn’t quite find the right product to take the size of ladder he had.  With a little bit of DIY and a few additional […]

Treat Your Garage to the Floor It Deserves

Let’s face it, most garage floors are pretty ugly.  Usually made from concrete and covered with stains or dust.  But that doesn’t have to be the case, Garageflex’s floor tiles give you a smart, low maintenance and tough garage floor.  All completed in a day. Why should you consider our floor tiles?  Here are 9 […]

Lifestyle Kits

Another neat little video showcasing some of the lifestyle kits available on http://garageflex.co.uk/ today.  We have a range on offer whether you are looking for general storage or something more niche to hold your gardening, hobby or DIY bits and pieces. Our lifestyle kits are priced to be more economical than buying the component parts […]