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Show House Garage Makeover

A quick update to show that not all work in a garage has to take in all the walls. Garageflex have just put a system onto a small section of wall measuring about 2.3m by 2.3m and even that makes a huge diference. Here are a “Before” and “After” for you to see:

Activity Storage Racks

Everyone seems to have all sorts of Activity items to store in the garage. These can include Golf clubs, all types of Rackets, Balls, Bicycles, Gardening tools, Surf Boards and so on. These can be left lying around the floor, put on shelves, in baskets or on specially designed racks. Most garage organisation companies will […]

Garage Storage

There are different types of storage to go in the garage: Shelves, Cupboards, Tool chests, Ceiling storage, Workbench cabinets to name some. Which of these you will have will depend what you want to keep in the garage and importantly how much space you have. Let’s look at these types and how Garageflex use them […]

Garage Walls

Yesterday we looked at Garage floors – today we can see what the options are for walls. It depends as usual on what you want to keep in the garage and on the walls. For many years people have put shelves and old kitchen cupboards on the wall and these have worked well. Another option […]

Options for Garage floors

Today we shall look at the garage floor. Most floors are laid as concrete slabs with very little finish to he surface: some surfaces are good, some are appalling and others somewhere in between. It is onl recently in the more expensive new homes that developers are laying a tiled floor or maybe giving it […]

Introducing Garagemakeover

Garagemakeover is designed to be the first stop for anyone considering doing “something” with the garage. This is the Blog site for Garageflex and we shall offer tips, advice, pictures, videos and stories of what is around to make it easier to come to a decision on what can be done in the space you […]