Weather proofing your garage this winter

With winter inevitably on the way, is it ever too early to start thinking about weather proofing your garage?  That’s the topic for today’s blog and something we would like your input on.  So if you have an idea let us know.

Meanwhile, here are some thoughts and tips to keeping your garage a bit more bearable this winter.

Insulate the garage door

Garage doors are built to keep whatever is inside safe from thieves, not necessarily to keep it warm.  So a good place to start is to insulate the garage door with a general purpose polystyrene sheet* or with a Thermawrap sheet*.  In addition, drafts around the door need to be tackled and could be plugged with weather stripping which is easily installed.

Upgrade your garage door

If you are thinking of upgrading your door then consider buying one that has weather proofing included.  This means it will probably have insulation built into the door panels and seals around the edges to keep out the worst of the weather.

Mind the Gaps!

Cold air can find its way into your garage via other holes or cracks so it is important  to block these up either with expanding foam or with some kind of floor covering such as Garageflex panels.  Pipework areas are difficult to insulate but Garageflex can build cupboards to work around them or put panelling over the top with doors for easy access.

Now what about adding heat?

Most garages don’t have a heat source but perhaps if you intend to spend lots of time tinkering with cars or using it as a man cave then invest in a fan heater that will push warm air around the garage and keep frostbite at bay.

And finally the walls

We talked a little about this above but one of the products that Garageflex offer is a wall covering called TekPanel.  This is a sheet of panel which is fitted onto timber battens which helps to insulate the walls, seal over any drafts and provide handy storage with a range of attachable accessories.  Why not take a look at our photo gallery to see how we have transformed our customers garages.

So there it is, some hopefully useful tips to keep your garage snug this winter.  Any ideas you have?  We would love to know!

*Any products not made or distributed by Garageflex can not be guaranteed and as such Garageflex do not take any responsibility for the reliability of these products.

World’s most amazing garage ideas

We have been seeing some great garage design ideas out there recently and so thought a blog about the best 10 things you can do in your garage was just crying to be written!  So here goes, these are Garageflex UK’s top ideas if you want some inspiration for your garage.

1. Don’t just put in stairs, add in a slide too

If you are building a garage below your house or you already have stairs, why not incorporate a slide into the staircase too?  We thought this was a great idea and also keeps any little ones happy as well. Win win all round!

2.  Park in just the right place

Ever put your car in the garage and found the door banging into another car or the wall?  These two images show just how you can ensure you park in the right place to stop this happening.  Either you can use a parking guide which has a ramp which your front wheels hit or you could think about outlining your car parking space with a different colour of floor tiles.  Or both.


3.  Get rid of those ladders out the way

Though great things, ladders can be hard to store.  And this was what happened to Magician Paul Daniels who couldn’t find quite the right product for his garage.  He purchased one of our Ceiling “T” Racks and then set about creating just what he needed with a little bit of creativity.  He then posted a video about his project and we think it looks smashing!

4.  Change your garage into something else, home gym anyone?

Garageflex helped a customer change his garage from a dusty and cluttered place into a slick home gym. The team also worked around existing pipework and a boiler to ensure the client still had access should the need for servicing or repair arise.  This transformation took just 4 days.

5. Wine o’clock!  I’ll just head downstairs for a bottle

What an innovative use of space which we think would work fantastically in a garage. 


6.  Make things easy for yourself

If you need black bin bags or kitchen roll close to hand, then a dispenser like this could be ideal.  Whether you need it for spills or general tidying, nice to know its always there when you need it.

7.  Have a cool breeze in your garage

Ok so not particularly suited to the changeable UK weather but a great option for the summer months is this cool breeze garage door idea.  The idea is that it keeps the bugs and flys out but lets a lovely breeze in and the screen opens right the way across so it makes getting in and out of the garage easy.

8.   Create a tool wall

Perfect for keeping everything to hand and in the right place.  This is a wall completed for a client in Tonbridge Wells.  You can see that the main wall has been panelled in TekPanel where brackets and hooks can tidy the tools. Then the wall next to the door has some TekTrak fitted which is simple to put up and offers a variety of flexible storage solutions.

9.  Have a custom-made sign created

We love this personalised garage sign, perfect for the man or woman in your life.   This one has the engraving on reclaimed slate and we found it on

10.  Organise your bikes

There’s nothing worse than having lots of bikes taking up space and creating a trip hazard.  Think about how you could store them more efficiently, whether it be a wall rack or on the ceiling.

So that is our top ten design ideas for the garage.  If you like what you see, come and talk to Garageflex at or phone 01491 579975.  We should point out that we don’t offer numbers 1, 5, 7 and 9 though!

Restore the Balance of Vital Energy in Your Garage with Our Quick Guide to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which balances the energy levels in your home.  And we thought, why couldn’t this be used in the garage?  It may even result in a better time on your bike or a lower golf handicap.   So here’s our top tips to get your garage bursting with positive energy.

1.       Declutter.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, just get rid of all your unwanted junk.  It might be a time consuming process but it will help you establish what is worth keeping and what can be freecycled, given to charity or sent to the tip.  Remember you must be brave and you must be honest otherwise it’s a pointless task.


2.       Give your garage an airing.  Sounds a bit mad right?  But actually letting good quality air and light into your garage is essential for good feng shui energy.  If you can’t leave your door open why not think about an air purifying plant, we’ve found a little list of some good options.

3.       Paint the walls in a colour that pleases you or panel it with some of our TekPanel (now available in different colours as part of our Ultimate Range) to keep you happy when you are inside.  Or put up pictures of things you love and that make you happy.

4.       Add wall storage such as cabinets where you can store items and close the doors on.  Also using specialist tool storage racks will keep items all together and out of the way, ensuring they are safe from little hands.

_MG_2938 - Copy

5.       Fix your squeaky or broken garage door.  See our recent blog on how easy this is to do.

6.       Check the safety in your garage such as electrics and lighting, ensuring there are no cables to trip over.

7.       And finally.  Always park your car with the headlights facing away from the house.  The reason behind this a car is man-made and if this points to your house it can create bad energy, certainly something to avoid.

So there you have it – positive energy all the way for your garage and hopefully it might just rub off on other aspects of your life too.  Happy feng shuiing!

Our Garageflex E-Brochure Is Now Available

We are really excited that our new e-brochure is now available.  If you are interested in seeing more then click here to fill in our online form and we’ll send you a copy.


Once you have read through our brochure, you may decide that you would like us to come and see you to give you a free, no obligation quote for your garage.  To arrange an appointment, just call us on 01491 579975 or email us at

We design it.  We install it.  You enjoy it.

How Updating Your Garage Can Really Add Value to Your Home

With many of us looking to add value to our home prior to selling, have you considered how much floor space your garage actually takes up and how making this a usable and welcoming space can add value to your home?

Garageflex looked at the parts in your garage that you should prioritise if you want your money to be spent wisely. Not only can they add value they make you happier to spend time in your garage too.

a man's castle...

1. Garage Door

How old is your garage door? Many older doors close slowly, block the driveway or squeak. These things should be taken care of in your makeover.

Check if your door’s hinges have been properly oiled, this might be the cause why it closes slowly. You would also know this through the sound that it makes. If you think your door has an inappropriate design for your driveway, why not change it?

2. Storage Units

Caterham cars 007

To make sure your garage is a safe place to store your tools and other important machinery, invest on storage units. Old wooden cabinets are not enough to keep your valuables safe.

If you get the right storage units, your garage would also look more organised, having your items in their right places and making them easy to access at any time. For storage ideas, click here.

3. Flooring


Have you included upgrading your garage flooring in the budget? If not, be sure to save some for it. Most homeowners settle for paint which can soon flake and look unslightly. Tiles or resin floors are a good solution as they are hardwearing and create a stylish finish. To see some examples of how good this can look, click here.

4. Lighting

How do you feel entering a garage with few or gloomy lights? Feels awful right? Your garage should have bright lights because this is where you do the most delicate projects such as cleaning your vehicle’s engine. If one screw rolls off, would your lighting help you in finding this small part in a big room?

If you are going to sell your property, your potential buyer would be pleased to see a well-lighted garage.

These are just a few of the small things you can change to increase the value that your garage provides to your home. For a complete garage transformation, visit Garageflex’s case studies page to see how good other people’s garages look as a result of their Garageflex makeover.

Are Architects, Developers And Those Building Their Dream Homes Missing A Vital Trick With The Size Of The Garage?

Garages were designed to house cars.  But in recent years, cars have grown in size and owners have accumulated more goods which need to be stored somewhere.  So over the years the expensive car has been left on the road or drive and all the household items have been kept in the garage.

With the current trend of buying a house, knocking it down and building the “dream house” happening all over the UK, are architects and developers really thinking about the design and build of the garage?  Alastair Broom of Garageflex sees home owners on a daily basis and hears the same pleas:  “Some of the best developers in the country totally ignore the garage:  they treat it as an afterthought by putting on three small single garage doors and, in many cases, I have met homeowners who cannot get their car into the garage at all.  Why don’t they put in garage doors wide enough for today’s car?”.

garage design

Another problem comes with the design when all the heating, ventilation, plumbing and home media systems are placed on the walls, thereby taking away valuable storage space.  So when owners need to keep such items as golf clubs, bicycles, ladders, tools and household items somewhere, there is reduced space available. 

Broom’s answer is clear:  “There is usually plenty of space in a good design for a power room where everything can be placed in an orderly and tidy scheme.  This would release something like 25 square metres of wall space for all the families storage needs”.

And his final point is about the state of the floor.  Usually this is left as a poor concrete finish, sometimes it has a coat of paint that will flake off within a few weeks and only sometimes is a good ceramic tiled floor laid. There are many options available including a top of the range resin floor through to a very popular inter-locking tiled floor, both available in a variety of colours.

To Alastair Broom the answers are simple:

  • Put in a door or doors wide enough for today’s larger cars
  • Create a power room where all the utility items can be placed
  • Leave the walls free for storage
  • Lay a good quality floor

Garageflex design and install bespoke storage and organisation systems in garages in private homes throughout the UK.  They have solutions for wall storage, floor coverings, ceiling systems and a large range of activity racks, all of which go on the wall.

Introducing the Garageflex range of storage boxes and recycling bins

Since we started transforming UK garages back in 2005, we have always asked our customers what else they would like us to stock.  There was a resounding vote for recycling bins to be added to our range and we are delighted that these items are now available via our e-store.

Our range includes a Triple 110 Litre Recycling Bin which allows you to sort waste into three separate bins and is floor mounted. Or choose from one of our 82 Litre Recycling Bins which come in three formats, an open slot lid, a propeller lid or a lift lid. We feel this covers a good range of recycling needs but are always open to further suggestions!

Recycling bins

Other recent additions are general storage boxes, now available in 18, 35 or 48 litre capacities. All are made from polypropylene and are easy to stack and store. The 48 and 18 litres fit particularly well on our 48” and 24” shelves.

general storage boxes

Or if you are looking for a more general storage solution but don’t want to spend too much, why not consider our GT576 General Storage Lifestyle kit. It comes with a 56” piece of TekTrak which is a strip of panel that fixes to your wall and can be placed anywhere in the garage. The kit also comes with a basket, some hooks, brackets and wall clips. Perfect for starting your de-cluttering journey at only £109.00 plus P&P.


Our e-store is open to everyone, not just our customers who have TekPanel installed on their walls. We stock many items that can be used on their own including ceiling storage for getting ladders, timber or other bulky items you want to get off the floor and out of the way.
We would also love your feedback. What else would you like to see on our e-store? Tell us and we promise to look into it!

Squeaking, Squealing and Scraping. Who Wants A Garage Door That Makes That Kind Of Noise?

We’ve all been there, you open the garage on a peaceful Sunday morning and wake up the neighbours with the screeching that comes from your garage door.  Thankfully we found a great little article with some useful tips which are simple to implement and can make a real difference to your ears.  Find out more about tightening, replacing and spraying your garage door here.

Garage door in blue

Of course all of these are just guidelines, if you are in doubt, seek advice from your local expert.  Garageflex will not be liable for any injuries that may occur.  Good luck!

If you want your garage fitted out with bespoke storage ideal for your lifestyle, Garageflex are the experts.  So come and talk to us!

Six Things You Didn’t Know You Needed

Even in the most organised garage, we find there are always ways to make it better. Today we wanted to tell you about six products available on our e-store that you might not know you needed but could provide the right solution for that niggling annoyance.

Shelf Liner

Do you store liquids, paints or other items that might leak? Then Shelf Liners might be just the thing.

  • Made of high impact polystyrene
  • Smooth semi-gloss surface for easy cleaning
  • Ready shaped to fit inside your wall, tall or mini wall mounted cabinets
  • £15.98* for a pack of two

in-cabinet tool holder

Lots of tools lying around in need of a proper home? Then our GT4019 in-cabinet tool holder is ideal.

  • Designed to hold small hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and scissors
  • Four different size openings to accommodate a wide variety of tools
  • Easily mounted inside our wall, tall or mini cabinets
  • Comes with four mounting strips.
  • £29.99*

mini clip set

Stuck for somewhere safe to hang keys or want to put up some pictures or a clock in your garage? Then the GT4016 Mini Clip Set could come in handy.

  • Sold in packs of five
  • Ideal for hanging pictures, clocks, locks, keys or other small items
  • Keeps item securely fastened to the wall and within easy reach
  • £17.50* for a pack of five

Paper Towel Holder

Fed up with trekking to the kitchen or utility for something to wipe up wet or muddy floors? Then why not buy our GT4015 Paper Towel Holder and never have to worry again.

  • Holds one jumbo size kitchen roll
  • £16.00*

tip out bin

Into DIY, hobbies or just have lots of odds and end? Our GT3004 Large Tip Out Bin Rack is perfect for holding all those little bits.

  • Comes with five clear bins which tip open for easy access as well as the ability to lift them out and take them with you
  • Each bin has a label so you can easily identify your 1 inch nails from your pegs
  • Ability to store items on top of the unit
  • Supplied with two mounting brackets
  • £32.00*

bike rack

With spring just around the corner and the days getting longer, no doubt you are gearing up to take your bikes out. But where do you store them when you are not using them? Our GT2005 Horiztontal Bike Rack can help you overcome the issue of moving it out of the way.

  • Two large, adjustable hanger hooks to hold a bike
  • Also comes with a shelf and six hooks
  • Holds a bike as well as helmets, water bottles, gloves and locks
  • £80.00*

* Plus P&P

Any questions, just let us know and we’ll be glad to help.  You can call us on 01491 579975 or email us at