Our Floor Tiles Are Available To Buy Online

We are really excited to announce that our floor tiles can now be purchased online via our e-store.  Our tiles come in a variety of colours with ramps also available to purchase.  Each tile costs just £8.85 and works out to approximately £29.50 per square metre.  This cost includes VAT and free shipping.

Here are just some of the benefits of a Garageflex Tiled floor.


To find out more about our tiled flooring please click here.  And don’t forget they were also profiled in May’s edition of TopGear magazine!

Garageflex Floor Tiles Profiled In Top Gear Magazine

We are delighted that in the May edition of TopGear Magazine, our floor tiles were profiled in the Options list. 

If you are thinking about finishing your garage in style, why not take a look at our flooring options.  We offer a selection of high quality inter-locking floor tiles, manufactured in the UK from recycled PVC as well as high quality methacrylate resin which is the hardest wearing of all. 

Why not find out more?

Top Gear press mention May 2013 - Copy

The Garageflex Pledge

When you have a Garageflex installation in your garage, these are the things we promise to do.  And just some of the reasons why our customers love doing business with us.

        Punctuality – Once your installation is agreed, we’ll give you a start date and time and we will arrive promptly to begin the work.  Always.

         Quality – We use only quality products and each comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.   If there is a question over any product, we’ll change it with no fuss.

         Reliability – We provide you with plans and costs for the work to be carried out with no hidden fees.  The quote will show you to the penny how much it will be and what is involved.

          Service – Our installation team are hard-working, reliable and quality carpenters in their own right.  You will be told who is in charge on-site and they will be available for you to speak to for the duration of the project, making sure it goes smoothly from start to finish.

         30 day Guarantee – If you don’t like any of your items or they don’t suit your requirements within 30 days of the installation date, we’ll remove them and credit the full amount.  Guaranteed.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Why not view some of our customer testimonials to see what they say about us or view a video of one happy customer in Gerrards Cross.


Treat Your Garage to the Floor It Deserves

Let’s face it, most garage floors are pretty ugly.  Usually made from concrete and covered with stains or dust.  But that doesn’t have to be the case, Garageflex’s floor tiles give you a smart, low maintenance and tough garage floor.  All completed in a day.


Why should you consider our floor tiles?  Here are 9 fantastic reasons…

    1. Beauty – why have an ugly floor when tiles provide you with a solution to be proud of.  You can even post your photos on Pistonheads.com!
    2. Durability – our floor tiles are four times more resistant to abrasions than a concrete floor plus fluids are more easily cleaned up as they are not absorbed into the tile
    3. Low maintenance – dust is reduced requiring less cleaning
    4. Made in the UK – British made from recycled PVC
    5. Measurements – each tile measures 500x500mm and has a thickness of 7mm
    6. Quality finish – this may not be the cheapest solution but paint usually flakes off in under a year where as our floor tiles come with a 10 year guarantee
    7. Quick and easy to lay – our tiles use an interlocking system, can be laid directly onto a concrete base and a typical 1-3 car garage can be laid in under a day
    8. Safety – concrete floors can become slippery, our floor tiles provide grip for when its wet outside
    9. Weather proofing– tiles create a surface on the floor which helps insulate your garage from the cold and damp, allowing you to be confident your stored items will be safe

So whether you want checkerboard style, all one colour or something a little bit special, we have tiles to suit every garage.

floor tile colour options

Garageflex also provide bespoke storage solutions for your garage, helping to make it a clean, bright and safe place to be.  Choose from cabinets, shelves or sports activity racks to bring some order to your life.

For a quote, please contact Garageflex on 01491 579975 or info@garageflex.co.uk.

A very challenging makeover

When the call comes to see a prospective customer who wants “something done to my garage” we are never quite sure what to expect. Well we have just finished probably the most challenging job we have been asked to do. Why? Take a look and see!

There were exposed pipes everywhere, two water tanks one of which was suspended from an open ceiling, various old appliances, an old worktop and a strange suspended room in part of the roof space. And the owner wanted everything covered so it gave him a great looking room which he could use for storage, a gym and a home for his motor bike.

So we put in a new ceiling, boxed in all the pipes and wires, re-plumbed the appliances, built a worktop with an inset sink, turned the door into the house and installed a new back door – both with cat flaps, clad all the walls and added a great range of cupboards, shelves, bike racks and storage facilities and laid a MMA resin floor.

Oh and we also painted the doors to match the overall look.

It gives the owner another room which is light, bright, tidy, clean and is a real joy to be in.

For more information please see the Garageflex website or contact us or call us on 01491 579975 – we would be pleased to talk through any aspect of a garage makeover

Good garaging


Special Offer on Floor Tiles

SPECIAL OFFER – Tiles reduce to £1.65 each plus Vat

We are offering a selection of our Inter-locking floor tiles as a Special Autumn offer. These include the popular colours of Black, Yellow, Putty and Titanium. Why not make a checker board design with racing colours?

The specially engineered plastic tile uses a six-point interlock system for increased strength and durability.  These tiles are slip resistant and stain resistant, making your garage floor safe and easy to clean.  It floats above the floor for airflow to prevent mildew and trapping of water. Each tile is 12″ square ( 300mm)

Usual Price £2.75 each – discounted to £1.65 each or £18.33 per sq.m

Vat charged at appr0priate rate and carriage at cost.

For more details or to order call 01491 579975 or info@garagemakeover.co.uk

Options for Garage floors

Today we shall look at the garage floor. Most floors are laid as concrete slabs with very little finish to he surface: some surfaces are good, some are appalling and others somewhere in between. It is onl recently in the more expensive new homes that developers are laying a tiled floor or maybe giving it a coat of paint.

But the options are:
Leave it as it is
Interlocking tiles
Ceramic tiles

At Garageflex we only use Interlocking tiles or Resin. The tiles are specially engineered plastic using a six-point interlock system for increased strength and durability. These tiles are slip resistant and stain resistant, making your garage floor safe and easy to clean. It floats above the floor for airflow to prevent mildew and trapping of water. The tiles come in a choice of colours: putty, yellow, granite and black and a combination will give a good layout, maybe with a border.

There are different types of Resin floor: the most popular is Epoxy but we prefer methacralyte which is the toughest and most hard wearing of all floor coatings. It is laid as a seamless screed to a depth of 4mm and stays looking great for years. It is more expensive than other floor coatings but as they say “you get what you pay for”. We are confident enough to give a 10 year warranty.

We shall put some photos in our Gallery so comparisons can be made.

Why do we only use these two: because we see what happens to painted floros after a short time and we see what can happen to Epoxy floors too: many times we have been called in to lay on an Epoxy floor that has cracked up.

Call us on 01491 579975 to talk over garage floor options.