Garage Makeover – September 2014

When this client in Primrose Hill asked us for help covering his garage pipework we didn’t realise just how big a job it was.  As you can see from the “Before” shot, the pipework was substantial in this garage but the client wanted it to look tidier but needed it easily accessable.  The Garageflex solution was to panel the walls but build doors so that the appliances and pipework could continue to be accessed, plus it reduces the noise and eliminates drafts.  For more garage makeovers, visit our photo gallery page.

Getting To Grips with Those Hard To Store Bikes

Bikes are notoriously difficult to store.  Even in the garage they always seem to be exactly where you need to get to.  Meaning you have to move one or, in some cases more, bikes to actually get to the item behind.  And children don’t like moving their own bikes so parents use up more valuable time sorting it all out.Luckily there are some sensible solutions which won’t break the bank.
Garageflex’s online store has a number of options available to get your bikes off the floor and onto the wall or ceiling, making better use of your garage space.  Our prices start from as little as £55.17 for a Ceiling Hoist or £90.57 for a Vertical Bike Rack Complete Solution which fits to your garage wall. All prices include P&P.
And with the opportunity to see stage one of the Tour de France at Yorkshire’s Festival of Cycling next year, what better way to get ready than to keep all your equipment stored together.

Case Study – Tonbridge

We have just added a great new case study profiling a recent garage makeover in Tonbridge.  Our customer wanted to transform his garage to make the most of the space available, as well as hiding an unsightly boiler area.  Our solution was to build a stud wall to hid the boiler whilst allowing the wall to be used for storage purposes.

Our customer now has a fantastic looking garage with all the storage he needs, a fantastic floor and everything is clean and tidy.  For more images click here.

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The Garageflex Pledge

When you have a Garageflex installation in your garage, these are the things we promise to do.  And just some of the reasons why our customers love doing business with us.

        Punctuality – Once your installation is agreed, we’ll give you a start date and time and we will arrive promptly to begin the work.  Always.

         Quality – We use only quality products and each comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.   If there is a question over any product, we’ll change it with no fuss.

         Reliability – We provide you with plans and costs for the work to be carried out with no hidden fees.  The quote will show you to the penny how much it will be and what is involved.

          Service – Our installation team are hard-working, reliable and quality carpenters in their own right.  You will be told who is in charge on-site and they will be available for you to speak to for the duration of the project, making sure it goes smoothly from start to finish.

         30 day Guarantee – If you don’t like any of your items or they don’t suit your requirements within 30 days of the installation date, we’ll remove them and credit the full amount.  Guaranteed.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Why not view some of our customer testimonials to see what they say about us or view a video of one happy customer in Gerrards Cross.


Lifestyle Kits

Another neat little video showcasing some of the lifestyle kits available on today.  We have a range on offer whether you are looking for general storage or something more niche to hold your gardening, hobby or DIY bits and pieces.

Our lifestyle kits are priced to be more economical than buying the component parts separately and come with TekPanel for the accessories to be mounted on.  And all of our lifestyle kits are available to buy in our online store or as part of our design and install service.

For more information contact us at or on 01491 579975.

Another cover up


Developers and architects love using the garage as a “power room” where everything from boilers and heat exchange units through to underfloor heating systems all get housed there. Everything neatly lines the walls with wires and drains leading everywhere.

So when we are called in to give a storage solution we are presented with a challenge to which we like to rise. Once upon a time we would clad around everything but now we offer the option of creating cupboards where everything can be hidden. At the same time we create more space because the new walls offer hanging space on both sides.

So behind this cupboard are 2 boilers and 2 water softeners:

And once it is all painted and fitted it looks pretty smart and doesnt stop a car being parked in the garage.

In another recent installation we simply built everything into a cupboard which had the same effect:

So if you have a garage needing a makeover and are worried about boilers etc that is what to do! We hope you agree it looks good.

Good garageing


Reasons & Testimonials

A recent Customer survey has given us lots of Testimonials and Raasons to use Garageflex. Here are a selection of our favourites:

Reasons to use Garageflex:

  1. The final phase in the total refurbishment of our house
  2. To enable us to park cars instead of rubbish in the garage
  3. So I didn’t have to do it
  4. My husband spends a lot of time in the garage with his best friend – his old car.
  5. I needed a clean, useful, versatile garage/gym/storage facility rather than a dirty, disorganised rubbish storeroom.
  6. We liked the flexibility and adaptability to make the best of our garage’s storage room.
  7. Ability to offer a complete garage transformation
  8. To improve appearance and functionality of the garage
  9. For a clean tidy and practical use for our garage
  10. They offer exactly want I want to sort out such a messy part of my home.

And the Testimonials:

  1. I just love my new garage space which is now the tidiest room in the house
  2. From start to finish Garageflex were quite brilliant.
  3. Garageflex have improved my garage beyond my expectations and it is now a real pleasure to go into and not the nightmare it was.
  4. It is always hard to get people to respond to the many needs when building a new house; Garageflex were the only ones to deliver what we needed and always with a smile. Thank you so much.
  5. The GaragTek system has transformed our garage from a disorganised heap of stuff around the edges to a tidy, attractive space. The installation team took pride in their work and the whole experience was positive and professional. Thank you
  6. I had high expectatuions of the system and I was not disappointed. Every aspect with Garageflex was made trouble-free and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.
  7. I discovered another room in my house when they left – beautiful!
  8. I do not normally endorse commercial products and as a matter of philosophy do not refer to goods and services as “excellant”. In this case however the product and the manner of its delivery far exceeded my expectations that excellant is the only suitable description.
  9. Nothing but praise for the product and all their team.
  10. Garageflex delivered what they promised.

Get in touch with us and see how your garage can be transformed.

Good garaging


A very challenging makeover

When the call comes to see a prospective customer who wants “something done to my garage” we are never quite sure what to expect. Well we have just finished probably the most challenging job we have been asked to do. Why? Take a look and see!

There were exposed pipes everywhere, two water tanks one of which was suspended from an open ceiling, various old appliances, an old worktop and a strange suspended room in part of the roof space. And the owner wanted everything covered so it gave him a great looking room which he could use for storage, a gym and a home for his motor bike.

So we put in a new ceiling, boxed in all the pipes and wires, re-plumbed the appliances, built a worktop with an inset sink, turned the door into the house and installed a new back door – both with cat flaps, clad all the walls and added a great range of cupboards, shelves, bike racks and storage facilities and laid a MMA resin floor.

Oh and we also painted the doors to match the overall look.

It gives the owner another room which is light, bright, tidy, clean and is a real joy to be in.

For more information please see the Garageflex website or contact us or call us on 01491 579975 – we would be pleased to talk through any aspect of a garage makeover

Good garaging


Guest blog from a happy Garageflex customer

Our garage and summerhouse were fitted out by Garageflex about 3 years ago and it has worked brilliantly but we decided they  needed a sort out as we seem to have collected even more essentials since we did the garage intially.  Even though we had the basis of a clean and tidy garage things don’t stay tidy by themselves!

The garage is a small single (have never been convinced that a car would ever fit in it!) so we decided to block off from the inside the garage door by having TekPanel fitted with insulation behind. 

We now have 3 tall cupboards along that wall â one with vases, flower bits and bobs, fairy lights, candles,  another with decorating things, wood filler, dust sheets,  and the other with picnic bags, ground rugs plastic plates .  All stuff that we can possibly be without! And having a personal door, we had never opened the garage door in 4 years!

That gave us the opportunity to rearrange the other units we already had which have always worked very well for their specific purpose  eg. hanging ladders, storing garden umbrellas,  and shelves with storage  boxes of light bulbs, spare champagne glasses and of course all the recycling bins!

We have no gardening tools in the garage as they are all in the summerhouse where they fit in beautifully with some garden furniture for relaxing after a well earned rest.

Love them as we do hopefully the boomerang kids wont need to throw any more goods and chattels our way!




Well – that is a first guest blog from a Happy Customer! We have had Customer Videos and Testimonials but I hope you enjoy seeing how even three years later some tweaking can still be done so easily.

For more information please see the Garageflex website or contact us or call us on 01491 579975 – we would be pleased to talk through any aspect of a garage makeover

Good garaging


Using the wall space

It doesn’t matter what size or shape the garage is, the best space to use for storage has to be the walls. That is why it is a shame developers use so much wall space for boilers, heat exchange units, under floor heating valves etc and when the poor homeowner moves in there is no wall space left!

And the best way to use that space is to clad some or all of it with Panel, otherwise known as Slatwall, TekPanel or similar. This gives it a finished look with a material that never fades or needs decorating and offers every opportunity for change as needs change. What do we mean by that? Well take a look at this photograph that shows all sorts of items on the wall:

With its modular system any type of Activity rack can be placed anywhere on the system and then moved as times change. And if you want to take a rack away and add cupboards or shelves then no tools are needed.

The system is designed to get everything off the floor and onto the walls: and Garageflex have racks designed specially for sport, hobies, gardening or any form of storage. And if you want to move the whole lot around at the end of a “season” then simply move it yourself. It could not be easier and it could not look better.

Don’t forget that if you only want to start with part of one wall clad then that is fine: yo ucan always grow the system over the years.

For more information take a look at the Garageflex website or call 01491 579975

Good garaging