Ever Thought Of Applying Feng Shui To Your Car?

It may sound odd but if you do a lot of driving then applying these simple rules could make a real difference to the energy inside your car.

feng shui car

Our top tips to do this are :

  • Clear out the clutter: make sure you regularly clear the car of clutter in both the boot and the passenger area.  This could mean taking out all those parking permits and sweet wrappers or just sorting out the kids toys taken into the car.  Having an uncluttered car almost guarantees good feng shui!
  • Allow in fresh air:  Regularly allow fresh air into the car rather than just using your air conditioning.  Or if you prefer, use a car aromatherapy diffuser to help with different moods.  Try peppermint and lemongrass to make you more energised or use peppermint to provide a more soothing and calming influence.
  • Bring in some good feng shui items: This could be anything from your favourite colours to rock crystals to images that make you feel good.  Don’t hang things from your rear view mirror though as this could be distracting!  Music of course is another positive factor to apply here and can dramatically change your mood so think about some feel good tunes to have around.
  • What’s the best car colour?: You really have to go with what you like as this will boost the enjoyment you get from the car.  Another thing to think about is looking at your birth colour and choosing things to go in the car that apply to this.  Or if you need some inspiration, try this link.
  • And one final tip:  Don’t park your car facing your house as this can create a slightly attacking quality of energy.  If possible, park the headlights facing away.

Let us know if you found this useful and if it works for you.


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