Weather proofing your garage this winter

With winter inevitably on the way, is it ever too early to start thinking about weather proofing your garage?  That’s the topic for today’s blog and something we would like your input on.  So if you have an idea let us know.

Meanwhile, here are some thoughts and tips to keeping your garage a bit more bearable this winter.

Insulate the garage door

Garage doors are built to keep whatever is inside safe from thieves, not necessarily to keep it warm.  So a good place to start is to insulate the garage door with a general purpose polystyrene sheet* or with a Thermawrap sheet*.  In addition, drafts around the door need to be tackled and could be plugged with weather stripping which is easily installed.

Upgrade your garage door

If you are thinking of upgrading your door then consider buying one that has weather proofing included.  This means it will probably have insulation built into the door panels and seals around the edges to keep out the worst of the weather.

Mind the Gaps!

Cold air can find its way into your garage via other holes or cracks so it is important  to block these up either with expanding foam or with some kind of floor covering such as Garageflex panels.  Pipework areas are difficult to insulate but Garageflex can build cupboards to work around them or put panelling over the top with doors for easy access.

Now what about adding heat?

Most garages don’t have a heat source but perhaps if you intend to spend lots of time tinkering with cars or using it as a man cave then invest in a fan heater that will push warm air around the garage and keep frostbite at bay.

And finally the walls

We talked a little about this above but one of the products that Garageflex offer is a wall covering called TekPanel.  This is a sheet of panel which is fitted onto timber battens which helps to insulate the walls, seal over any drafts and provide handy storage with a range of attachable accessories.  Why not take a look at our photo gallery to see how we have transformed our customers garages.

So there it is, some hopefully useful tips to keep your garage snug this winter.  Any ideas you have?  We would love to know!

*Any products not made or distributed by Garageflex can not be guaranteed and as such Garageflex do not take any responsibility for the reliability of these products.

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